Federal Law Protects Parents’ Right to Review Curriculum

Under a federal law called USC 20 1232(h), parents have a right to see ALL instructional materials, regardless of format or context. law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/20/1232h Send to the school your request by email with "REQUEST TO VIEW CURRICULUM PER USC 20 1232(h)" in the SUBJECT field. Include in the body of the email the following:
  • Name of the curriculum
  • How and when you may review it
  • Include a reasonable deadline, such as on or before next Monday, September 25.
School districts routinely hide curriculum in teacher's manuals, which instruct teachers to write it on an erasable surface. They may cite "copyright" or claim that they have no written curriculum. Remind them, federal law applies to ALL curriculum, regardless of format or context. If they claim no hard copy available, ask to attend the class in person. The best option is to OPT-OUT. Search our website for: OPT-OUT forms for curriculum, health care, counseling, and surveys. Include with any OPT-OUT Form submitted instructions:
  • “YYZ school is not authorized to teach my child anything on (the subject), I haven't been given access to, and
  • "I hereby revoke all previous permissions and authorizations.”
  • “You will be held liable for any harm that comes to my child, or my family as a result of your failure to comply with my lawful request."
Be respectful, but firm, and relentless. This may take repeated reminders.